Data Sources/Bibliography

The occurrence data that is included in the this web page comes from a database originally maintained by Mike May. More recently the data has been turned over to Allen Barlow who has continued to maintain it as the official database of NJ odonate occurrence. The checklists presented on this web page are developed from that database and are updated as new material is published. Other material in the web page is from various sources, such as Natureserve and the NJ DEP's Natural Heritage Program who supplied the Global and State rankings for the various species.

More current data on flight seasons by county and region may be gleaned by downloading this Excel spreadsheet created by Mike Hannisian. It looks at records from NJOdes, Odonata Central, and iNaturalist.

Articles and Publications

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Web Pages and Online Sources

  • NatureServe Explorer: An online encyclopedia of life [web application]. 2001. Version 1.6 . Arlington, Virginia, USA: NatureServe.