Thanks to the Original New Jersey Odonata Survey

Black-tipped Darner

NJOS was formed around the turn of the century to document the distribution of the odonates of New Jersey. The original website was created by Jim Bangma who used data archived by Allen Barlow. These two individuals were joined by others to increase the knowledge of our odes. Here, in their words, are the definition of what they hoped to accomplish.

Dragonflies and damselflies have been studied in New Jersey for over 100 years. With so much scrutiny you might think that we know everything there is to know about these insects. In fact, we are only now beginning to understand the distribution and status of many species. During the last 3 years for instance, 6 species have been added to the state list. In 2002 alone more than 60 county records came to light due to the efforts of many people.

NJOS is dedicated to expanding knowledge of the Dragonflies and Damselflies of our state. We have provided photos and brief species accounts which we hope will help you along the road to studying these interesting critters. Detailed distribution and flight season information will show you when they are out and where, at least for now, they have been found. This is where you come in. You will notice many holes in the distribution charts. You will also notice that some counties are virtually unsurveyed. These regions await visits by enthusiasts hungry for new discoveries.

Odes don’t vote and hence have no voice in land use matters. The more we know about their status in New Jersey the better. Information is critical to help protect these insects and their habitats.

The New Jersey Odonata Survey is not a formal organization. We have no officers, hold no meetings, and collect no dues. The NJOS has been formed by Jim Bangma and Allen Barlow for the purpose of sharing and gathering information about these wonderful bugs. Allen is the geek who maintains the official database and a well organized collection of voucher specimens. Jim is the nerd that created and maintains this website. That is about as formal as NJOS gets.

Meet the Founders

Allen Barlow - NJOS Data Nerd Jim Bangma - NJOS Web Geek
Sheryl Chaćon - NJOS Staff Psychologist Ann Johnson - NJOS web consultant