These 6 species are medium to small clubtails. Ashy and Lancet are among the most common in New Jersey, Beaverpond, Dusky and Harpoon are rather uncommon species found in northwestern New Jersey. Rapids is known primarily from the upper Delaware and its tributaries.  Once you have studied this page, you may want to take our Slender Clubtail ID quiz.

Lancet Clubtail, small size
Distinct club with lateral yellow and yellow rectangle on S9

Ashy Clubtail
dirty brown, indistinct markings, blue-gray eyes

Dusky Clubtail
Note the overall dark coloration

Rapids Clubtail
brightly colored with third pale lateral stripe

Beaverpond Clubtail
Broad triangular frontal stripes

Harpoon Clubtail
Resembles Ashy with broader frontal stripes