Spatterdock Darner - Rhionaeschna mutata (Hagen, 1861 (S1S2))

This is a species of concern. Please report any encounters to Odonata Central.

Range & Habitat:

Found in the Ridge & Valley and Highland areas.

An early darner, it prefers fishless ponds and lakes with water lilies and other emergent vegetation.

Flight Season:
Early Date: 29 May
Late Date: 5 July

Flight season charts created from records in the official database maintained by Allen Barlow.

Male Lateral - Photo by Jim Bangma
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Males have cerulean blue eyes, blue thoracic stripes and blue abdominal spots. Females may have green on the thorax but usually retain the blue eyes.

Until recently, considered part of the Mosaic Darners (Genus Aeshna) but recent studies have shown that this and several closely related darners actually belong in a separate genus.


Conservation Status:
State: S1S2 Imperiled to critically imperiled in New Jersey
Global: G3G4 Very rare and local throughout its range, found locally in a restricted range, or vulnerable due to other factors