Rapids Clubtail - Gomphus (Gomphus) quadricolor (Walsh, 1863)

This is a species of concern. Please report any encounters to Odonata Central.

Range & Habitat:

Occurs locally throughout the northwest along streams and rivers.


Flight Season:
Early Date: 20 May
Late Date: 23 June

Flight season charts created from records in the official database maintained by Allen Barlow.

Male Lateral - Photo by Jim Bangma
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A slender, bright clubtail. The area between the lateral thoracic stripes is usually filled with gray; the abdomen has small yellow dorsal and lateral spots and the slender club has yellow lateral spots. See the Slender Clubtail ID page for more detail or take the ID quiz!


Conservation Status:
State: S2 Imperiled in New Jersey
Global: G3G4 Very rare and local throughout its range, found locally in a restricted range, or vulnerable due to other factors