Common Baskettail - Epitheca (Tetragoneuria) cynosura (Say, 1839)

Range & Habitat:

Found throughout the northern 2/3 of the state in a variety of habitats.


Flight Season:
Early Date: 6 May
Late Date: 4 July

Flight season charts created from records in the official database maintained by Allen Barlow.

Male Dorsal - Photo by Jim Bangma
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A small brown ode with a row of yellow spots along the abdomen. Learn this one since it is the standard for the other Baskettails. The spot on the hindwing is extremely variable, may be nearly lacking or very prominent but it seldom reaches the nodus or the rear margin of the wing. Click here for a comparison of Common and Slender Baskettail.


Conservation Status:
State: S5 Demonstrably secure in the state
Global: G5 Secure globally, but possibly rare in parts of its range