Brush-tipped Emerald - Somatochlora walshii (Scudder, 1866)

This is a species of concern. Please report any encounters to Odonata Central.

Range & Habitat:

Known from the northwestern portion of the state, where it inhabits open swamps and bogs, usually with small streams flowing through them.


Flight Season:
Early Date: 4 June
Late Date: 9 August

Flight season charts created from records in the official database maintained by Allen Barlow.

Male Lateral - Photo by Jim Bangma
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A small Emerald, the abdomen is noticeably widened at S5 and the diagnostic claspers are covered with hair. The larger Williamson's Emerald also has hairy claspers as does the slightly smaller American Emerald. See the chart of NJ Striped Emerald male claspers.


Conservation Status:
State: S1S2 Imperiled to critically imperiled in New Jersey
Global: G5 Secure globally, but possibly rare in parts of its range