Twelve-spotted Skimmer - Libellula pulchella (Drury, 1770)

Range & Habitat:

Throughout the state.

Found at lakes and ponds and along slow streams

Flight Season:
Early Date: 16 May
Late Date: 23 October

Flight season charts created from records in the official database maintained by Allen Barlow.

Male Dorsal - Photo by Jim Bangma
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The stunning males are dramatic and unmistakeable with their alternating wing spots of black and white. Females are duller, lacking the white spots.

They resemble female Common Whitetails but have thinner abdomens with lateral pale lines rather than a row of triangles and seldom perch on the ground. They are also similar to Prince Baskettails, which patrol almost constantly, unlike the fly and perch behavior of a skimmer.

Conservation Status:
State: S5 Demonstrably secure in the state
Global: G5 Secure globally, but possibly rare in parts of its range