Elfin Skimmer - Nannothemis bella (Uhler, 1857)

This is a species of concern. Please report any encounters to Odonata Central.

Range & Habitat:

Found throughout the coastal plain, it has also been recorded in 2 northwestern counties.

Found in bogs and fens.

Flight Season:
Early Date: 11 May
Late Date: 5 September

Flight season charts created from records in the official database maintained by Allen Barlow.

Male Dorsal - Photo by Jim Bangma
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Our smallest dragonfly, the males are blackish, becoming pruinose blue with white patches on the eyes. Females are black, with yellow spotting on the thorax and yellow bands on the abdomen.

Blue Dasher is larger, with a black tip to the abdomen, green eyes and a white face. Little Blue Dragonlet is bigger, has a black abdomen tip and solidly colored eyes.

Conservation Status:
State: S3S4 Apparently secure but should be watched
Global: G4 Apparently secure globally