Powdered Dancer - Argia moesta (Hagen, 1861)

Range & Habitat:

Has been recorded throughout the northern half of the state. Additionally, there is an old record from Gloucester; it should be search for in that area.


Flight Season:
Early Date: 5 June
Late Date: 24 September

Flight season charts created from records in the official database maintained by Allen Barlow.

Male Lateral - Photo by Jim Bangma
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Males become pruinose white on the thorax and the tip of the abdomen with age. Immature males are prominently marked in black and tan and are potentially confusing. As they mature, they may retain a dark shoulder stripe.

Young males and females may show an all blue thorax, very similar to Blue-Fronted Dancer. Click here for a comparison of the females.

Conservation Status:
State: S4 Apparently secure in New Jersey
Global: G5 Secure globally, but possibly rare in parts of its range